10 Best Beer Breweries in Vermont

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Love beer? Then your going to be a happy camper in the green mountain state. Vermont is home to some of the most innovative beer breweries in the country. They have won numerous awards and brought cheer to people all over the world. We've put together a list of our favorites beer breweries in Vermont and we would love to hear about yours.

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Foam Brewers

Foam Brewers is a small, independent brewery situated on Lake Champlain. Founded in 2016 by a group that shares the passions of science, art, music and beer, Foam Brewers takes beer seriously. Additionally, they offer a limited menu in conjunction with Deep City Restaurant + Bar. Foam Brewers may say the menu is limited, but the food is fantastic; you’ll want to check it out. If sit down dining doesn’t appeal, Foam Brewers provides a small selection of canned beers/growlers you can take home, a wise choice in these times. I am convinced that Foam Brewers is one of the best breweries in Vermont, and their product won’t disappoint.

Switchback Brewing Company

Switchback Brewery is one of the best-known breweries in Vermont, and for good reason. Created in 2002, Switchback’s owners Bill Cherry and Jeff Neiblum set out to brew unforgettable beer. In fact, Switchback does not filter their beer and instead uses a special process to carbonate the beer naturally. For those who like small businesses, Switchback Brewery is 100% owned by the employees, but they have locations in New York if you can’t make it to Vermont. Not only that, Switchback goes above and beyond by donating to Vermont foodbanks, gardens and suicide prevention organizations. I highly recommend Switchback Brewery and their beer if you want some.

Zero Gravity Brewery

Zero Gravity Brewery is on Pine St in Burlington, right in the middle of the South End Art District. Hundreds of beers have come from their doors over the years, and Zero Gravity’s current list of beers is too long to list here. Rest assured, they’re all fantastic and uniquely Vermont in their flavor. If you prefer traditional beers, don’t worry: Zero Gravity sticks to traditional brewing styles through the use of malt and hops, to ensure balanced smooth beers. Additionally, the 30 barrel taproom will surely hold a beer for you. Zero Gravity Brewery is a community brewery that supports its customers, so don’t hesitate to try their beer. They’re one of the best breweries in Vermont and well worth the money.

Fiddlehead Brewing

Fiddlehead Brewing is located in Shelburne, just outside Burlington. Founded on New Years Eve in 2011, Fiddlehead started out with just 15 manual barrels and 30 total barrels of capacity. The original tasting room is still in Shelburne, but Fiddlehead also sells beer in New York and Massachusetts, in case you’re unable to make it but still want a taste of New England. Fiddlehead has free tasting, so taste to your heart’s content and take it home in a growler. You won’t be disappointed.

Vermont Pub & Brewery

Vermont Pub & Brewery is located on College St, right in the heart of Burlington. Finish shopping on Church Street, and drop into VT Pub & Brewery for beer and food. I recommend their Maple Ale, brewed with 15 gallons of Vermont maple syrup. Pair that with a hefty Maple BBQ Burger and you have a winning combo. Vermont Pub & Brewery has great beer, great food and is certainly the best BrewPub in Vermont, hands down.

Burlington Beer Company

Burlington Beer Company is a combination brewery and pub located in Williston. If you’re looking for a brewery with food and a huge variety of beers, Burlington Beer Company is your go-to. My personal favorite is their Imperial Ancient Power 2020, an imperial stout made with chocolate cake, chillies, cinnamon and milk sugar aged in bourbon barrels. In fact, Burlington Beer Company has so many different beer and food options I can’t list them all here. You’ll have to settle for my declaration that they’re one of Vermont’s best breweries, and find out for yourself. Don’t worry; they provide carry-out services.

Four Quarters Brewing

Located in Winooski, a few strides outside downtown Burlington, Four Quarters Brewing is small enough that it could be in a living room. Don’t let that put you off; Four Quarters has 10 barrels and makes every one count. A small-batch specialist, Four Quarters is truly a brewery of love, and it’s worth squeezing into the tiny taproom to find out for yourself.

The Alchemist

The Alchemist has locations in Waterbury and Stowe, although only the Stowe location is open to the public. The Alchemist was founded in 2003 and is a family owned brewery. You’ve no doubt heard of their two most famous beers, Heady Topper and Focal Banger. Those are The Alchemists year-round beers and they also produce specials such as the Wild Child lineup, sour ales with fruit. Visit The Alchemist. They’ve got fine potions brewing.

Hill Farmstead

Hill Farmstead is located up in Greensboro, off the beaten path. However, Hill Farmstead has been in business for 220 years, and in that time they’ve created great beer. Adding a special touch is the naming process: Each beer is named after an ancestor of the farmstead, a social issue, or a book of some form. In fact, Hill Farmstead is not just a great Vermont brewery, they’re considered one of the worlds best breweries, full stop. Their beers evoke a specific time and place in history, and they’ll make history in your mind. This little brewery isn’t just the best in Vermont, it’s globally recognized, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Rock Art Brewery

Rock Art Brewery is notably the only brewery in Vermont to be powered entirely by solar power. Branching out to different areas, Rock Art offers spiked seltzers brewed with cane sugar and your choice of mango, lime or raspberry. You also have a choice between their excellent lagers, IPAs, sours, barleywines or no-hop beers. Rock Art also has a rotating barrel program, where they occasionally offer beers from other local brewers or distilleries. Located on Route 100 in Morrisville, Rock Art Brewery doesn’t just sell their beer in green cans, their power is green too. Drink up, knowing your beer was produced greenly.

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