Students Synaptic  Supercollider

Students benefit from attending Synaptic Supercollider in many ways.

✧ The speakers are thought leaders that can inspire them with their own projects.
✧ The performers expand the enjoyment and effectiveness of the event.
✧ Many of the attendees are from the leading companies in Burlington Vermont and beyond which could result in job opportunities.
✧ The social events are hella fun and are included in the price.
✧ Buffet style breakfast, lunch and evening finger foods, in addition to the drink tickets and food vouchers for evening events, are well worth the ticket price.
✧ There will be up to 100 other students attending the event so you might meet a great partner.

To help students attend Synaptic Supercollider, we offer tickets at reduced prices and match them with sponsors.

Students tickets are offered in small batches as sponsors sign-up for the program. If tickets are temporarily sold out, then send us an email so we can contact you when the next batch is available.

Synaptic Supercollider is a great opportunity for students to network with other creatives, meet a potential employer, find a partner, and have a fantabulously fun time. So grab a ticket today, or get on the list for the next batch, because there ain’t no time like the present, to crush the future.


Students Synaptic  Supercollider Party

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